We offer a unique program of specialised workshops and intensives with guest and

in-house industry professional instructors and artists. From one-day urban retreats and recovery sessions for actors/performers, from voice and dance to Butoh and art we offer 2-hour intensives to full weekend workshops.

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Please Note: In the case of lockdown all workshops will resume online via ZOOM. 

weekend wintery workshops
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Sunday 15 Aug

Sunday 22 Aug 


Welcome to winter! Step into your deeper self with this heartwarming weekend of workshops facilitated by four wonderful women.

We are offering four unique and specialised workshops for all levels and experience. The program is designed for participants to book into as many  workshops as you like. Come for one or immerse yourself in a full weekend of creativity!

Discounts apply for multiple bookings.


10am-1pm: Dance Your Sensual Spirit with Willow J

2pm-4pm: Connect and Create with Rebecca Horne


SUN 22 AUG   

10am-1pm: Sing Your Heart with Emma Bathgate

2pm-5pm: Free Your Butoh Beast with Yumi Umiumare


1 x workshop $55

2 x workshops $95

3 x workshops $135

4 x workshops $170

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Winter Snow

Find out more about the Wintery Workshops and meet your facilitators below. 



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Empty Theater

An Urban Day Retreat For Actors & Performers


This is your lucky break! - from the stage.

As performers we reveal our hearts and souls, we expose our vulnerability and give our all to our art and the audience.  But are we taking the time out to recover? Taking time out for ourselves to let go? Is a 20-minute intermission between acts or a break between takes enough time to really re-centre and revive?

Actors and performers are faced with many stressors from having to suddenly 'be on' to not knowing when, what or where our next job or role will be. 

As an actor/performer who has always turned to yoga for recovery, I have developed a one-day urban retreat for industry practitioners to take time out and step back to the self, to be with the self.  Learn how to manage the anxieties associated with this difficult path you have chosen and most importantly, give yourself a break, a long intermission into recovering, rejuvenating and re-aligning with yourself.

During the day you will be introduced to meditation and Yogic techniques to help you let go, go within and deeply relax. 

INTERMISSION runs from 9am-5pm

NEXT SESSION: Sun 12th Sept 2021

Cost: $140 / $120 concession

Advanced Tarot | The Masterclass

Saturdays, September 18 to November 20, 2021

ADVANCED TAROT | THE MASTERCLASS rewilds the magical and mystical narrative of foretelling and we, the prophets, are overdue to do likewise.

Language defines a culture, and the current language of tarot is replete with outmoded religious iconography, the agreement to hierarchy, and ignorance of binary terminology and that of the queer and the weird.

Human people, like every species, are travelers through life in a body, ship-like, on an adventure-voyage to the portal of death, the only true destination. No matter one’s theoretical belief.

Without the wayshower—the seer, or spae, who has studied the maps; who can advise of treacherous shallows, bergs and submerged reefs of cruelty and lovelessness—without those courageous enough to say what they see, the psychic, intuitive muscle of human people becomes flaccid and ill.. we won’t make it.

ADVANCED TAROT | THE MASTERCLASS offers you a choice: to wildly and wilfully reject the story created for you, not by you, of an outmoded, colonialist, bigoted, ecologically destructive and heteronormative ideology.

Only attend if you intend this to be a career move.

Although Lore de Angeles has taught the Tarot Collectives to hundreds of people since its inception in 1984 very few have made it. Very few work this skill as a profession. Tarot requires a dedication to self-belief and the principle of First Do No Harm. It requires the student to forgo all previous terminology that may have been accrued to aid an individual, without a language, to an identity garment that represents one form of mysticism or other.  That is a barrier to foresight as it boxes the wildness of the wolf in a cage of acceptable rhetoric.




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